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Stay at a Hälsingegård

Our beautyfull Hälsingegård was built in 1853.It is situated in Los, a little village            56 km from Ljusdal.


Hälsingegård Lundbergs i Loos
On the ground-flour of our Hälsingegård
we have:
            * one doubleroom with bathroom
            * Two doublerooms, which can be used
               as a suite, with a bathroom (shower/




On the ground-floor of our Hälsingegård you can also use our very cosy sittingroom, with the beautyfull "kakelugn's"


* When you have a special event,it is possible to make a reservation of  all the rooms  on the groundfloor.





Appartment (4-6 pers)

In our second house we have on the first floor a spacious appartment with 2 bedrooms,a sittingroom,kitchen and bathroom.










                                                                                          For          those who are looking for adventure and love nature, we have a traditional grain store,Härbre.                                                           Living primitive,but there is  always the possibility off enjoying the luxery from our Hälsingegård.




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